Well, thank goodness that was just in the movies!

Well, thank goodness that was just in the movies! Today, an African walking safari is just about the ants pants of adventure holidays. For starters, you’ll probably end up as the main course on some carnivores dinner setting. Again, one of the reasons why it’s so popular is because of it’s excellent and expert hosts.Zimbabwe has obviously experienced somewhat of an unstable political climate in recent times and if you are considering a trip there, check with your local travel agent for the lowdown on safety.Both excursions are professional organized with safety the biggest factor yet you get the opportunity to get up close to the wildlife.Being prepared is important before heading off on an African walking safari. It’s as close as you’ll get to a real African nature romp even if you don’t like walking!Top African Safari Walking DestinationsTaking a walking safari in Africa isn’t as simple as putting on your hiking boots and heading off into the sunset. .Zambia also has an extremely high reputation for hosting quality walks. It’s not just the attire you’ll need to wear but you really need to make sure you don’t have any health issues. It’s habitats are exactly what you would expect to find on safari.Well organized hiking excursions run by people who know their stuff are the only way to guarantee both your safety and viewing pleasure particularly if you are new to the whole African safari scene..An African walking safari brings back memories of some of those old jungle movies with a group of safari trekkers cutting their tracked carrier way through thick bush and avoiding dangerous animals and the poison darts of the local head hunters.Zimbabwe And ZambiaZimbabwe isn’t far behind Botswana in the quality of tour guides on offer.. The guides themselves are just about the best in the business and are “shown the ropes” from a very young age. Bird lovers will be in all their glory especially in Phinda and be warned, you may need to be dragged away kicking and screaming!BotswanaOne of the features of a walking safari in Botswana is the extremely high standards set in relation to safety. In fact, it regularly comes up in discussions when talking trekking across Africa. Trekking through the African bush is no picnic but these guys and gals are so well trained that any issues are kept to a minimum, if they arise at all.South Africa has two ideal and appealing walking safari options. It has tremendous diversity which will suit lovers of either flora or fauna. the Ngala Private Game Reserve in Kruger National Park and the Phinda Private Game Reserve.Botswana is a walking safari enthusiasts dream